The Studio Agazzani & Associati deals with the writing and filing, in Italy and abroad, of patent applications, utility models, design models, trademarks, software, engineering works and the obtaining of the related patents, trademarks and registration certificates. The Firm supports each Customer’s business by undertaking searches for patents and trademarks and drawing up technical opinions, reports and appraisals for evaluating the validity or the economic value of industrial and intellectual goods (patents, models, trademarks, original works, copyright).

The Firm provides legal and technical support for contentious procedure, technical consultation in drawing up contracts of exploitation license and deed of transfer for patent-right, transfer or assignment of know-how and joint venture.

The Firm’s policy consists of providing services for the specific requirements of each individual Customer. The Firm can help relieve the Customer of time-consuming responsibilities, showing alternatives and opportunities, defining complete strategies of protection, exploitation, defense and attack according to the Customer’s peculiarities, the market sector and the contingencies or novelties of the sector.

More precisely, the Firm relieves the Customer of every organizational, executive and bureaucratic act that is not strictly necessary and takes care of overseeing and checking on the patent-right, thus setting free the Customer’s precious resources. Furthermore, the Firm keeps the Customer updated on alternative and valid sectorial opportunities, so as to allow the Customer’s management to minimize the costs and to maximize the benefit deriving from the correct and efficient management of the company’s patent property.

The Firm analyzes and examines business problems and, in collaboration with the Customer and where appropriate with legal staff, determines a strategy for approaching and solving business problems regarding patent and trademark rights, in such a way as to make the attacks and defenses regarding industrial and intellectual law as fast and effective as possible.

The Firm also organizes company seminars to inform about and examine in detail the question of patents, with the aim of encouraging a correct patent awareness and culture within companies.

This pragmatic and business orientated policy of the Firm derives from the professional experience of the Firm’s staff, all of whom have held managerial and executive positions in various High-Technology companies.